Our Mission

Teaching and Learning Canada was established in 2011 (TLC/EAC) with the goal promoting and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary education through:

  • Sponsoring and disseminating research
  • Raising public awareness
  • Forging links
  • Co-sponsoring events

TLC is an incorporated and registered charity.



TLC is an incorporated and registered charity, originally created by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE/SAPES), who provided seed funding for TLC.



TLC sponsors three types of event: regional, national, and international. In most cases we seek to partner with other agencies who share our goal of enhancing the quality of university teaching and learning.


Colleges and universities are essential to our social and economic well-being. What and how students learn is of immense importance to their future lives, both as workers and citizens. Many students cite their professors as some of the greatest influences on their later lives and learning, yet most academics receive no formal preparation for their teaching role, and methods of teaching and assessment are hardly unchanged from Victorian times when institutions were quite different and society had very different expectations of university and college graduates.

In this context TLC envisages exploring issues such as the following:

  • How can students be prepared for a lifetime of change?
  • How can they learn to solve problems and tackle issues not yet identified?
  • What is the best way to prepare teachers for their role?
  • How can teachers connect more meaningfully with their students at a time of diminishing resources and rapidly increasing class sizes?
  • How can teachers and students engage with their community, local, national and international?
  • What is the appropriate role for technology in teaching and learning?


Arshad Ahmad

Arshad Ahmad


Sylvia Avery

Sylvia Avery


Anita Acai

Anita Acai



TLC began with a distinguished advisory committee, drawn from educational leaders from across Canada and abroad. Members included:

  • Arshad Ahmad, McMaster University, past-President, STLHE
  • Steven Davis, Chair of Board, Academics without Borders
  • Patrick Deane, President, McMaster University
  • Natalie Gerum, Graduate Student, Lakehead University
  • Leslie Gouldie, Chief Executive Officer, Student Awards Canada
  • Joy Mighty, Carleton University, and past-President, STLHE
  • Pat Rogers, Wilfrid Laurier University, and past-President STLHE
  • Ken Steele, Co-founder, Academica
  • Pierre Zundel, President, University of Sudbury
Maureen Mancuso

Maureen Mancuso

Past President and CEO

Christopher Knapper

Christopher Knapper

Past Director

Make a Donation

Your donation to TLC will help promote better teaching in Canadian universities and can make a real difference in enhancing the quality of learning our next generation of students will experience. Anyone making a donation of more than $50 will become a member of TLC for the year in question, will receive regular updates on TLC activities, and be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Teaching and Learning Canada is a registered charity, and all donations are eligible for a deduction from Canadian income tax.